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1925/26 Hudson clutch not releasing


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hello folks I have a Hudson 1925/26 with the six cork plates and plain plates , I have re corked these and faced them down with about 1 mm exposed i cannot seem to get the clutch to release enough to have the main shaft stationary to allow gear selection from rest ,

There are springs that fit between the plates that i am not sure of their correct placing, I have a manual but it does not show the springs  I think this may be part of the problem .

As folks familiar with this set up will know there is limited space in the clutch housing for expansion which limits thickness of corks and clearance required to free or disengage the clutch .

The main shaft can be turned when clutch is engaged out of the car but still dragging enough to cause the issue  as above .


this is a wet Clutch and wonder if not having the  resorvior filled on test bench is critical ?


any comments would be most helpful thank you   

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