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  1. hello there from NZ i get all my trunk parts from Brettuns Village trunks parts ,,check Brettunsvillage.com they have a huge selection good luck
  2. Hello All I have just been visiting the site and picked up on the 1929 Chrysler imperial Thread ..This is most interesting as I owned this car from 1977 and I have to admit I was the kiwi who re restored the roadster and chose the Whitewalls and colour scheme which is seen in the 1980 pix, i was very proud of the car then despite some comments as when i purchased her the lovely body swages were not accentuated to any real.,effect etc I also was most nostalgic when I saw the the early pix in the 1960,s when the car was painted Maroon as this was the guise I first sited the car in when I was going to High school and lusted after the care ever since not ever thinking that would own it someday. The earlier black and White pix I had never seen before so thank you to those who posted these . when I purchased this car it was the same price as my new house at the time about $17000 as I recall and the car had implement ( harvester) tyres fitted so the New Denmans were a big purchase for me also at the time in old NZ !! the rear rumble seat lid comprised of a larger main panel and a smaller upper panel which had the original glass inserts fitted to suggest a type of windscreen very similar as suggested to the 1947 Truimph Roadster .the upper section had adjustable side stays to allow a suitable rake on the front screen when raised , it didnt rattle and had drain channels around the side the handle was on the larger rumble seat panel which would need to be lifted first as they locked together at the join . I was never able to find out how this car right hand drive as it was came to be in NZ as there were very few made in this version but the consistent rumour was that the Chrysler had had over 40 owners before myself . it was resold twice after myself in NZ and i believe it now resides in UK , Since reading this I am going to reach out to last NZ owner whom I still am able contact and perhaps provide more history , alternativley if the current owner was to read this I would be keen to send images etc of my time with this special car . This is a great forum and i thank those who have brought this to my notice Kind Regards Alan Sutton
  3. hello folks I have a Hudson 1925/26 with the six cork plates and plain plates , I have re corked these and faced them down with about 1 mm exposed i cannot seem to get the clutch to release enough to have the main shaft stationary to allow gear selection from rest , There are springs that fit between the plates that i am not sure of their correct placing, I have a manual but it does not show the springs I think this may be part of the problem . As folks familiar with this set up will know there is limited space in the clutch housing for expansion which limits thickness of corks and clearance required to free or disengage the clutch . The main shaft can be turned when clutch is engaged out of the car but still dragging enough to cause the issue as above . this is a wet Clutch and wonder if not having the resorvior filled on test bench is critical ? any comments would be most helpful thank you
  4. hello there my suggestion would be to go to home hardware store and purchase two cheap gauze sieve strainers such as used in kitchen cooking these have the bulbous shape already , then carefully measure the opening size of your horn trumpet perhaps by making a cardboard template that is just tight or oversize a little to get diameter then cut out the centre of each strainer to match measurement ( Scissors will Do ) then fit them in tight so the edges hold the gauze in place , i guess you could add a couple of drops of good glue like araldite on the edges to be sure ,? if you find the right strainers , even tea strainers the gauze should be about right my ten cents
  5. thanks for your comments I think you have a beautiful car here ..If I might comment but not critique I think a well chosen colour for the lining on the accents would really lift the car more and Chrome wheel rings do nothing its still a beauty l
  6. no problem I should have said "TOP" thank you for your comment
  7. thank you for your complimentary remarks i just joined the site and did some posts today its great to have a chance to share and discuss so i guess i will get addicted? yes the old car I bought to restore this as you see, it had these attractive factory order Buffalo center locks wheels fitted which was one of the deciding factors in acquiring the donor car . this was a right hand drive factory export new to NZ in I think 1926 , but with the approx right chassis length etc etc i thought we could scale this to look right. I reside in Arrowtown NZ and the body frame ( southland Beech) and shape is fairly simple really and very light too the headlamps are Peerless the dashboard is an old mahogany bed head and the fenders are off the sedan with filled in rear sections we have made the windscreen and hood bows etc from scratch which was great fun . My late father who was a cabinet maker used to say even though you have all the measurments right its a great idea to stand back every so often to see if it looks right .I agree with this . I have seen some rebodies or creations that have been built fully in a workshop without viewing in the open every once in a while that just don't in my view have the right scale any way my ten cents ?
  8. well that is a cute pair indeed a beautiful girl and a beautiful Auburn ..Im never sure whether I like the Phaeton or the Cabriolet the most ? but I do love your colour scheme choice. I guess if I had choice it would be a fleet of 31/32 Speedster / cabriolet/ phaeton and a nice sedan for wet days too !!!😃
  9. heres a fun pix that clearly illustrates that owning an Auburn is a definite advantage when it comes to attracting the fairer sex ...only wish i discovered this 40 years ago !!! ha ha. this is my old Auburn at the Arrowtown Festival NZ with the beautiful "Buckingham Belles" getting ready for a spin around town ,as you can see they are all so happy in anticipation of takimng a ride in a "real" car Designer Al Leamy with E l Cords direction produced what I think are the most dramatic in an era of austerity . love to see some more Auburn /cord pix simiiar hope you enjoy
  10. I am building this Special on Hudson Super six 1925 running gear , as you may imagine it started life as a four door sedan , I purchased the car in what we would call "reduced Circumstances" and being a big Stutz Fan I thought rather than waste the bones I could build something myself for fun and personal enjoyment something that loosely resembles the wonderful Stutz bearcat of the twenties, I do so in the knowledge that it would not profess to be ever a copy rather a special . My friends have dubbed it the "Stutson" being a play on words between my own name Sutton and Stutz!!! Anyway after almost 2years in my workshop, I can expect to drive it soon, just upholstery Hood and wiring to complete just making taillights and bits and bobs just found a suitable front bumper assembly last weekend which i will add for a more balanced look running gear is all standard i have moved the engine and Radiator back a little for better balance too , I hope this posting will not offend both Hudson and Stutz owners that would not be my intention i hope you find it fun to look alan sutton NZ
  11. Hello from Arrowtown NZ here is a pix with my car a 1931 Auburn 898A which I purchased in Victoria BC in 2006 . this car was sold new in Ontario By McDonell Mackie on 18/3/31 it is a great old car quite original we have essentially just gone through the mechanicals and fitted a two speed Columbia axle .etc it is I find quite modern to drive apart from the infamous ""steeldraulic" braking system !!! it was quite an adventure travelling to Canada and shipping back to NZ but we love it !!
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