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1929 Graham-Paige - which model?


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Well with this picture it would be hard.  I can tell you it is a 1929-30 car from the hood, it is a dual side mount car with the spare tire missing, normally I would say the tie bar between the front frame extensions is a 615 giveaway.  The 615 is 3 inches longer than the 612.  It is pretty dirty, and must be summer because the windshield is open, you don't do that till about 85 degrees F.  My educated guess is it is a 615 the rear door is slightly wider on a 615, my guess is the picture is about 1935-1938?





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the other dead give away is the 615 had one more lug nut on the wheels than the 612.  The brake drums were also slightly bigger on the 615 than the 612.  I am going to agree with you on the 615 because those drums really fill the wheels.


Part of the problem you have is the early 1930 model 612s ran the 115 wheelbase and had the longer bonnet of the 615 with the 1929 Grill, so unless you can see the support bar or count the lug nuts, you really cant tell 612 from 615.  


As for the rear door, they are exactly the same.  The body from bulkhead back is bolt on between 612 and 615.  The extra length was in the bonnet and running boards alone. 


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