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  1. Aussie_610

    1931 Graham dash and instruments needed.

    1930 went to separate instruments in dash, so '29 wont fit, not sure if the backing will though
  2. Aussie_610

    1930 Standard Six variants

    I have a sales brochure at home somewhere from 1930. The standard six was basically the 612 from 1930 (So the 115 inch wheelbase, but 3 speed transmission). From memory The factory had the 2 and 4 door sedan, 4 door tourer (also known as a Pheaton), 2 Passenger Coupe and roadster, I am pretty sure the coupe and roadster were available in either business (boot hinge at top) or with a dickey/rumble seat. Though outside body builders, exports often used outside body builders, would build you whatever you liked. Note "De-luxe" was a trim upgrade. I see the above mentions a Town sedan, not sure what that was, may have been a delete of the rear quarter windows, will have to look at my brochure I have somewhere a pic of a Australian bodied 4 door tourer, the only other standard six's I have seen were a 4 door sedans and I dont have pictures. Why do you ask?
  3. another good indicator of year is the brakes. Internal or external brakes (614 external, 615 internal) Also the instrument panels were very different 614 was an oval (different from the 610, more like a Paige one) and the 615 was a kind of rectangle insert with the "rose" pattern (same as a 612)
  4. I will have to compare my 612 and 615 radiators to check if they are interchangeable.... This may explain my odd radiator that's a mix of 1928 and 1929.... I always thought it was a mash up repair (may still be ).. 614 would have a different raised section around the hole for the grill insert whereas the 1929s just rolled into the grill insert
  5. Show me the front, the 614 and 615 had different Radiators.
  6. simple rule of thumb, if it contained liquid, drain, flush and refresh. While your at it, have a close look at the brakes, make sure all you linkages don't have too much play. would also look at replacing the tyres (rubber doesn't age well and tyres are a safety item). Then look at any other rubber bits
  7. Interesting, its running 1929 Bumpers and taillight, 1928 The bumperette's didn't have the centre pins. They had over riders that held that end in. also the taillight was a simple round one like a dodge/chrysler. I will see if I can find a photo or the rear of my sedan (my tourer uses the earlier wrap around bumpers).
  8. Aussie_610

    Car Logo Quiz...

    45, weirdly missed McClaren and some other that I had never seen
  9. Aussie_610

    Link to the Graham-Paige Car Club

    you might want to update this it is now
  10. Aussie_610

    Rarity ? Pure sales talk?

    "Rare" a sales term, used in the classic car industry for "nobody wanted it when it was sold new"
  11. Aussie_610

    1929 Graham Paige Model 621 replacement carburetor

    All the small six Johnsons disintegrated. I don't think I have a whole one.. We are using Tillitsons over here . I think the big six guys here went Detroit Lubricator, which I think the 8s ran
  12. Aussie_610

    1937 Supercharged Graham

    Graham was well known for Supercharging. The implemented it across the range in 1934 as an option and from '36 I believe it became a "no cost option". Graham produced the most production supercharged cars up until the GNX was released.
  13. Aussie_610

    '28 Graham-Paige for Concours Event

    base car Grrrr....
  14. There were a couple of photocopies being given away at the last Southern Cross region Rally. (overseas version of cause)
  15. Aussie_610

    Possible Graham Styling Art - MURDOCH - Seeking information

    Cant offer you any more than my personal opinions of the car Well I can see some Graham Elements. The glasshouse and the headlights look sharknose. The body looks to be a mix of sharknose with hints of hollywood. That Front end looks weird though. Could have been someone trying to add a conventional front end to the sharknose to make it less controversial. Oh and I dont like the front. put the sharknose front on it and you have a winner, it would be a more cohesive design than what was produced