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1972 Posi Rear end question


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2 hours ago, cjp69 said:

Looking at this supposed 1972 Riviera 3.42 posi rear for sale.


Can anyone tell me what the "95" is for next to the QA on the axle tube? 


Thanks, Chris140547255_3815841805103419_2035104600411690973_n.thumb.jpg.9593995bf543331fd14bc8569341c1a5.jpg





I don't think this came out of a 72 Riv with posi, the one tip off was there was no posi tag. In checking the full size Buick service manual for 71, the axle code for 3.42 posi should be QAO. The service manual did not list any AO codes for any other full size Buicks.  Perhaps this is for the Skylark series.  I cannot tell you what the 95 represents as the manual does not have any such info. The last letter "O" designates the manufacture which was Oldsmobile. I believe that Buick used the same codes for a number of years.


Robert Bonto

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Thanks.  It is not "OA" it is "QA", the tail of the Q is hard to see in photo but easy to see in person. Posi tag could have been removed, I have seen that on several rear ends.  Internals also check out as being posi. 


This chart shows QA as 72 posi 3.42 rear. 





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