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Cast aluminum wheelcovers - 1966? 1965?


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Good mornin'. I wondered if anyone knew what year/model these were made available? They're cast aluminum wheelcovers with a chrome/potmetal 2-bar spinner. The spinner has the Olds emblem; mounted to a hubcap-sized center. The covers are attached by lugnut to the wheel by 3 tabs. I guess they were Olds' very cool answer to the poncho 8-lugs. I wanted to put them on a '67, but wondered what's correct? Many thanks. mike

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They were a factory option in 1964-65 and require a special wheel. Three styles depending on car series and year. 1964- all exc Starfire and Jetstar I used a dished center w/ 3-point Rocket, no spinner. 1964 Starfire & J-I used a two-bar spinner w/ 3-point Rocket. 1965 all cars used a two-bar spinner w/ vertical Rocket. The bolt-on caps themselves were identical for all series both years. The center cap is the difference.

They were discontinued for two reasons. 1) they were very heavy and difficult to balance and 2) people unfamiliar with how they were attached would damage them doing tire work.

If you can find the special wheels, you can put the bolt-ons on any big Olds thru 1970 that uses 14" wheels.

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Hi Guys,

I am installing a set of these wheelcovers and do not have a full set of the studs or any nuts which mount these covers to the steel wheels. I am guessing the nuts have a bevel like a lug nut but the studs are a course thread and the only lug nuts available in this diameter are fine thread. Anyone have a full set of the original style nuts and a handful of studs? Has anyone found something from another application that will work? Thanks!


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Tom, I just realised that over Thanksgiving I had not replied to your email.

All I've been able to come up with are the part #s, if that helps. I have a dozen or so of the caps, but inability to find all this stuff is why I decided to stick with wire caps and deluxe caps on my 64s.

Grp 5.871

p/n 384123, bolt, cust. sport & cust. dlx attaching, 64-65 exc F85 and J88, 15 required @ .20 each.

p/n 384124, nut, cust sport & cust dlx disc to wheel, 64-65 N93, N94 option, 15 required @ .25 each

p/n 384776, nut, cust sport & cust dlx bolt to wheel spring, 64-65 N93, N94 option, 15 required @ .10 each

p/n 385062 gasket, cust sport & cust dlx disc, 64-65 N93, N94 option, 4 required @ .10 each.

I'm not sure what the last two are.

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