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1925 Buick Standard Engine


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For sale 1925 191 Cu engine. $850   2/1/21    New information below.   $850 Including transmission.

                                    $750 engine alone.

 Engine #1435301

Reported to be a running engine when pulled from car destined to become a street rod.  Distributer was crushed in transit. Another complete distributer comes with the engine.

 Transmission and other miscelanioues parts available. 
Located in Vancouver Washinton.



Larry DiBarry


 Chambersburg, PA.

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I have had some interest in the engine by some of the known 25 owners. The main question was what has been done to the engine? When I bought all the components I was mainly interested in the wheels and tires. The statement was that it was a good running engine.

 I will try to reach the original seller to see if they can give me more details. 

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Updated information and new price.

I finaly received word from the former owner of the engine. He indicates that it was an excelent running engine. That had a carb rebuild, new plugs, tune up and fan belt. The 50 HP 6 just was not his cup of tea and wanted to go fast ... real fast! They are doing a Buick V8 for the conversion but keeping the outside fairly stock.

 $850 engine complete with transmission. $750 engine alone.


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I had a few PMs with some comments.

One of my responses.

 The cracked block engine I bought from Kentucky 4 years ago (which also had the timing gear removed and some other missing parts) cost me $300.

I would love to have this engine I have for sale sitting on my stand here at home in PA. as a spare. But, Vancouver is more than a few days drive away and restrictions are still in place.

1579113411_thumbnail_engine20and20transmission1.thumb.jpg.99fafb1bace380df4b1e38252b537385.jpg     DSCF6593.thumb.JPG.3b803b6eb605d16e16673f6eebac6cdb.JPG


 DSCF6604.thumb.JPG.27991be2606f1123c7dd1e8a80fbb391.JPG    DSCF6595.thumb.JPG.fa3837f26def59f5f92c69f0452c63f7.JPG





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