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John S.

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Jack Miller passed away on December 28th., after a long illness. He was the go to guy for Hudson cars and parts. He ran Miller Motor Sales in Ypsilanti, Michigan known as the last Hudson Dealer. He was always friendly, and ready to help Hudson owners with advice, and N.O.S. parts. He will be missed.

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Thank you for posting this. Jack was one of the first people I met when I moved to Michigan in 1996. 


Jack Miller was truly one of the "great ones". Not only was he a huge ambassador for Hudson collectors worldwide, he was also the founder and lead spark plug of the now-famous Orphan Car Show in Ypsilanti MI which began in about 1997 and his still held annually.


Jack had many achievements in our area. Not only did he preserve the Hudson Dealership, but he also turned it into a viable car museum which is still open and has welcomed thousands of visitors during the last few decades.


He was a very vocal and active supporter of historic building preservation in Ypsilanti and believed in the town when no one else did. He was a great guy and one of the most encouraging people you could ever work with. With Jack, no idea was too big or too small. He wasn't a talker (unless you asked him about Hudsons!), but he was certainly a do-er and got things done. He was well connected and certainly knew how to use his resources. He was a great person to be around and a fountain of information.


Rest in Peace, good friend. And thank you for all of your contributions. 


Here are just a few articles about Jack, the museum and the Orphan Car Show










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Sad News,


   Thoughts & Prayers go out to his family. You could not think of a Hudson without thinking of Jack. My Grandfather had a Hornet late in life & Jack was his go to guy.


God Bless



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Guest Mark McAlpine

My condolences to his family.  I didn't know Mr. Miller, but was fortunate to meet him briefly when my wife & I first visited (about 10-12 years ago) the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum, which is housed in the former Miller Motors Hudson dealership building.  He was a piece of living history and helped preserve both the history of the Hudson automobile and the automotive industry in the Ypsilanti area.  The used parts counter in the museum is like stepping back in time.


Mr. Miller definitely left a legacy that will have impact for generations.  May he rest in peace.

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