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Wondering whether joining CCCA is for me.


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Last year I bought a very nice, restored 34 Auburn 8 cyl phaeton. It's all there, I enjoy driving it, and it is quite beautiful in my eyes. I joined the ACD Club and my local Auto Museum club (Towe Auto Museum in Sacramento). I enjoy the guys at Towe but the ACD events are a long ways away and I don't know if I will get back to Auburn any time soon.

I know my car is a fully eligible CCCA classic, although I also feel somehow that it doesn't quite keep up with the company of the big, multi cylinder Duesenbergs, Lincolns, Cadillacs, and Packards that seem to me to be what the CCCA is all about.

So here is the question: Can any CCCA members offer any reasons why I would want to join yet another car club such as CCCA?

My main pleasures with the car are: 1) just driving it; 2) fixing, adjusting, polishing and generally fiddling with this little bit of history; 3) having it out in public and answering questions from those people whose eyes light up at the sight of such old classic machines (even those who inevitably add "My father/grandfather had an old Chevy just like it ...").

I am not particularly interested in the world of judged car shows nor do I have the obsession of keeping up a 100 point classic-- though like most people I do enjoy seeing such perfection occasionally.

So...is there something that the CCCA uniquely offers that I am missing?

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The CCCA is more than about cars. What prompted me join the CCCA is the following story. When I attend an CCCa meet in Naples this year in March this year. It was the friendly people whom owned these cars that where willing to talk to you about other cars besides thier own. Many people asked me what car I brought to the CCCA meet. When i said none and that I was a guest. They would ask me what kind of car of I owned I said a 53 Packard. Many of these people really expressed an interest in my what I was under taking . The CCCA has many fine friendly members that are willing to share information. I have no classic auto but joined because of the people that I had contact with at the Naples meet. John F. Shireman I wish I could give you a bettr answer and reasons for joining the club. Come join us I think you might be suprised.

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I have been a member of the CCCA for 1 year now, just renewed for another year. I can echo the view expressed by Packard53 that the members of the CCCA are as nice a group as you will meet. I dont own a big 100 point car, but a nice unrestored Classic that needs just about everything you can think of. But, the members of the CCCA dont care, they are just as interested in you as a person as the car you might happen to own at the moment. Also, the publications are top notch and well worth the membership alone. Yes, the club is worth joining, and you might never go to one of the national meets, but you can have just as much fun on one of the many local activities held by the Northern California Chapter of the CCCA. I am a member and live near you in Galt. Email me and I will be happy to let you know when we have our next activity. We would love to meet you, and yes your Auburn also.

Richard, a side note, I will be at the Towe on Saturday, Jan 4th. The Antique Studebaker Club is going to have cars on display for the month of January. My 1929 Studebaker President Brougham is part of the display. If you are at the Towe on Saturday morning during the car move in look me up.

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I think you will find your Auburn Phaeton very welcome in the CCCA and I concur with the remarks others have made about the friendliness of the CCCA. Don't buy into the drivel that the CCCA is mainly about the multicylinder monsters of the 30's, though a minority of members may feel that way. You will find plenty of friends in the club who will enjoy and appreciate your Auburn just as much as you do.

If you are interested in local touring and activities, consider the strength of the chapter in your area. For example, I would be reluctant to encourage someone from NM to join the CCCA here because the local chapter here has almost no activities. Seems to me the California clubs are pretty strong, but I do not know for sure. If you really like touring your car, the AACA or VMCCA may offer more opportunities for that, though it depends on their strength in your area.


Albuquerque, NM

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If you do join, I think you will be glad you did! That Auburn will make a great CARavan car, and the CA regions are quite strong, so there should be lots of local events for you to participate in.

Being an Auburn kinda guy i am always keen to see Auburn owners join <img src="/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif" alt="" />

Grand Classics are fun to attend even if your car isnt a hundred pointer. I recieved a 3rd place trophy for my 36 Auburn in the Touring Class back at the annual meeting in 99, it scored something like 69 points, HA! I was more concerned with how my Cord scored and just sort of brought the Auburn. But I still got a trophy! You always learn a lot when having your car judged. Bobbiedine Rodda had taken photos of all the cars which we developed as slides and used during the awards banquet that evening. She took a front shot of my car and it was great because the crowd oohed and aahed when it was put up there. the front clip of the 34-36 Auburn is truly a work of art. I love those fenders!

The publications are worth the price of admission even if you never attend an event. we have great publications at both the regional and national level. but the real reason to join is the people. I have met some of the finest people I know through this club.

besides you cant have too much fun in life!

Shawn Miller

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Thank you all for your thoughtful comments.

I met Mark Huston at Towe and we chatted for a short time after he shoe-horned his Studebaker President into the museum display... and afterwards sent in my CCCA membership.

Looking forward to meeting some of the other local Northern California members some time soon.

Richard Floch

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I am a little slow in responding, I met Richard and had a nice, though short visit with him (the days schedule got in the way of a longer visit). Here is a picture I took at the Towe of his great 34 Auburn Phaeton.


Here is a picture of the Studebakers that we moved into the museum that day.

They are all Classics except for the '31 Commander second from left. The others are 1929 & 1931 Presidents.


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