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  1. On the subject of pedal cars, maybe someone can help me identify this pedal car that is a part of my family history. The photo was taken in 1927 in Flint Michigan and is my Uncle Dick with a Christmas present. The car came from Mott's Department Store in Flint and was a gift from the owner to my grandfather in return for fixing some steam pipes in his store that winter. My mother seemed to remember it cost $150 in 1927-- way beyond the range of my family at the time if it had not been a gift but her memory may have not been that good since $150 seems like a lot for a toy when you could buy a c
  2. McCahill wrote in Mechanix Illustrated monthly from something like 1947 up into the mid 1960's at least. Let's see... that must be about 200 road test articles. The vendio site has 19 of them apparently for about $2 a pop. Here are a few free McCahill quotes that I picked up somewhere. Wish I had the entire collection, and if anyone ever puts together a book, let me know. On the 1955 Ford V8: "The '55 Ford has digaway boff by the treeload." On the 1962 Plymouth: " It was raining like tears in a onion cannery when I did my test.......I don't know of a car in its class that can top Plymouth. I
  3. When I was a kid in the 50's I used to love to get a haircut. Once a month I would walk to a certain barbershop in my neighborhood on a Saturday that had a huge stack of old Mechanix Illustrated magazines, where I would sit for hours reading Tom McCahill road tests of cars. I think that in a large way he sparked both my interest in cars and in language. He was, without a doubt, the master of the simile and one of the most colorfull writers of his day. It seems to me that someone, somewhere, must have re-published a collection of McCahill articles. Has anyone ever seen such a collection? I woul
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