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Is this a power brake setup and for what?


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3 hours ago, sagefinds said:

You mean for that electric hand? I couldn't see any markings on it at all, maybe if I cleaned the crud off of it something would show.

Similar. Electric hand was 37/38, used a small shifter on column.

Drivemaster used a conventional shifter but would disengage the clutch and shift to second when you let up on the gas. They started out in second gear, usually had 4/55 gear in rear. I think 1946 ?

Some had overdrive , Supermatic? 1950?

They had a switch to turn it off and use it as a straight shift.

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Thanks for the info. I've had a couple of those "hands" over the years but never knew exactly what they operated. I looked in the Hudson Crestline book thinking maybe they would show one of these in the chassis the first year with fanfare but no luck. At least I have something to go on now and know it's not some technical thing out of a Cadillac.

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