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Valve Cage


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Good to know that you're into the older cars! A valve cage was an early design that was a removeable unit, valve, spring and seat. Try to picture a BIG sparkplug about two inches wide at the threaded portion, the valve would be in the same location as the porcelain insulator, with a spring and keeper. This unit could be removed to grind the valve seat in an early T head engine. If you can find a copy of Dykes Automobile Encyclopedia there are some great illustrations of this valve design. This design is still used in some diesel engines today.

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Thank you for your response!

This morning I located the only A.L.Dyke publication I have, The Diseases and Cures of a Gasoline Automobile and How to Cure Them (Revised edition-1908), which does not have the illustrations you mention. However, your description is very complete and understandable.

Thanks again.

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The later (WW-I era) Dykes Encyclopedias mention them.

I think Buicks used caged valves, pre-'20s.

Some early motorcycle engines also employed this technology.

They had pretty much disappeared from passenger cars by 1925 or so.

De Soto Frank

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