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  1. I was ibvolved with Motorama at Kansa City 1952.I was with the Dynaflow exhibit.Those were the bays
  2. At the Buik meetthere was a car like yours with an alternator,It was mounted on the right side of the engine,driven with a belt/ If you could get ahold of a picture,that would be fine.The alternator would run counter-clockwise,but I could come up with a fan for it.Make your own bracket.
  3. Several have put ALTERNATORS on cars like yours.They mount them about where the coil normally goes.I have sold nearly 300 6 volt alternators. Ralph Crisp BCA 2399
  4. I have several old vac tanks- condition unknown, CHEAP! rALPH cRISP BCA2399
  5. I have lots of 55 Dynaflow parts
  6. I understand a 53 Cadillac Dynaflow convertor works well in a 48-52 70 series unit.(Buick convertor plug on front sticks out too far)
  7. When I was very young,I removed the generayor from our Buick, Just remember where your rotor points before disassembly so you bcan get it in time later. As I recalllwater pump off first then slide generator back. I was scared at first,but pleased at how easy it was
  8. Keith,the fellow just before me at the barber shop had put a new battery in his "economy" car Thirty three hundred dollars. As I have always said"Before you buy economy,make sure you can afford it".
  9. Spring-loaded prop shaft spline seal usually takes care of this. BCA 2399
  10. (Pardon me if this shows up twice due to a malfunctio) I put a 55 transmission into a 50 Special. I ran a rod from the linkage back near the firewall. Ralph Crisp BCA 2399
  11. Dynaflow parts,(mostly 55 up) Dual_Path parts also.
  12. Differing dates different figures. Last post,supposedly final, but lots of people want know where it is now. Interstingly.a 57 Buick owner bought it. Who all want to find out where it is now?
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