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Brush Transmission

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  •  I’m restoring a Brush Model E .  I’ve built a Roadster body copied from an original car.  The two key things that are missing are the radiator and the transmission. A radiator either brass or steel would do. As far as the transmission goes the questions are , who was the  Brush enthusiast who has made the patterns and was going to have them cast ?  Did this ever happen ? At the  end of the day hopefully a original transmission or part thereof will come available . Any leads gratefully received. ( I will be changing the fuel tank cap )





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contact david directly.....use my name, i believe it is the BC radiator. 815 246 4545. Dont know for sure

He was an aaca judge and knowledgeable on early cars, I assume the radiator will be expensive.

Let me know how you do or if you are still looking. 

Happy  Holidays

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