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  1. sent you a PM good luck with your Brush John
  2. I replaced a cast iron piston in a 1907 Brush with aluminum piston. Several reasons for this replacement but one of the first and foremost is there is less stress on the crankshaft because of the lighter piston, second you will have better compression and oil wash on cylinder wall because of the modern rings. I believe you may have the spark advance to high, try reducing the amount of advance and it should help with the vibration. (especially if you are experiencing the vibration while the car is not under load). You will find that there is a "sweet spot" for the advance and it is usually much LESS than you think for maximum power assuming the engine is properly timed. I did have the flywheel balanced when I rebuilt my motor and found it was only off by 1 gram which we corrected by drilling. Amazing considering the era! Good luck with your project.
  3. 1913 Rausch Lang on BAT Bring a Trailer going now
  4. Original Brush muffler with frame mounts ....$300 circa 1909-1911
  5. Brush Muffler with the frame mounts for sale...Original usable .. 815 403 3803
  6. Typical of a BAT listing....wait till the last two minutes, after all of the "comments" and brow beating has been done.
  7. I have a 4 main Block, head, and misc rods and pistons... some rear end parts...gear and housing. water pump casting...needs to be fitted bushings to discuss if any interest...reasonable pricing 815 403 3803
  8. I went and looked at this very honest original car. I would be interested in vintage racing the car, and am just too big for it. Ed is very forth right in his description of the car, if you are in the market well worth the look!
  9. Try talking to Buck at Crow custom Cast Welding 715 425 6653 He resurrected a block for me and sleeved it, quality workmanship at a fair price
  10. You can always go with hood straps and remove the hinge pins and have no side panels. Restoration hardware has a nice set available at a reasonable price. Just some more to think about. I like the lights too.
  11. Salvaged 1936 Derby Bentley chassis. Side shift transmission 4 speed, hand brake and pedal assembly, front hubs, wheels & brakes, steering and column, all present. Ignition switch, starter button, fragments of dash, cowl, windshield frame. Will part out, looking for offers. 815 403 3803 SOLD!! GOING TO DENMARK
  12. My 1907 has a 5 sided Briscoe radiator. The radiators changed thru the years from brass to a steel shell for one change, and from straight side flat top to rounded top as on your 12, which I assume has a steel shell., John Ullrich Alden Illinois
  13. This all aluminum body has been removed from a 1930 20/25 Rolls Royce. It is stripped of paint and has no dents. It is a Park Ward 4 door 3 side window salon custom coach body, no hood or front fenders. The wood is excellent as it comes from long time indoor storage. All of the interior panels, seats cushions etc. are present. The windshield frame, door and window handles, have been re chromed and not installed. The walnut interior panels with the vanity compartments are perfect. Located in the Chicago area. Call with any questions or for photos, 815 403 3803. The price is $1800.00.
  14. A full set of lever shocks right and left front and rears. I bought them for a vintage sprint car project and do not need them. One still has a Ford tag on it maybe NOS. Good lever action, clean and ready to install. $150.00 for the set plus all you can ship postal box. 815 403 3803
  15. Original Ford Shock Lever set Front and Rear Complete Left and Right....good hydraulic Houdaille s style ready to use, good lever resistance $150.00 for the set 815 403 3803
  16. Thanks Dave to help identify....I know it is from a 37, however as I said believed it may fit 36. The pipes from the top tank do come straight out, so perhaps it will work for a 38 & 39. measurements available with detailed photos
  17. Original 1937 Ford radiator. No rust anywhere, came out of long term storage used in a display engine configuration. I believe it will also fit 36, 37, and 38. Fins, tanks, shrouds all original and perfect, as nice an original radiator you will ever find. photos and exact dimensions available. How's $225.00 plus the ride. 815 403 3803
  18. This came out of a 37 Ford Sedan, probably will fit other years. It is original and rust free, all the fins are perfect, side shrouds and cap are there. I purchased it with a V8 60 motor and have no need for it. $275.00 plus the ride. Call for pics and any info. 815 403 3803 John
  19. I brought a car into the US taken apart and in boxes, etc. There was as extra engine block with the package. I spent 6 hours at the US customs in Buffalo trying to get certification and or inspections to enter the US., even though the project was a 1924 (over 25 years old no problem they say) because I was told that I had two cars and only one bill of sale. Lesson is be very specific when the bill of sale is prepared.
  20. Looking for a vintage Big Race Car. These were built as race cars often from stock car chassis of the era and used up until and into the late 40s, project or what have you, with or with out drive train.
  21. caddyshack...I guess I am not much of a club guy, but have attempted to respond to people with questions about our little cars. I was a member of the US club for years and with the tragic passing of Mac, the US club seems to have died too. The Australian seemed to be interested in promoting his book. I just never connected with them in joining their organization. I agree that this forum seems to be a good location to reach out for information about our cars. 1909 BC Brush 1908 B Brush 1910 D Brush 1907 K Cadillac ( motor design by Brush)
  22. Great Car George, You have got to love this one you've had it a long time, sure you want to let it go? What a candidate for the VSCDA vintage racers circuit. Rare and the real deal, I'm sure you will find a good home for it.