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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I know you have to be over the top after this milestone. Come and race with us in the VSCDA pre war class at Road America, Augie will be there with his Studebaker car. Stay Safe buy the fire suit.
  2. On the 320 large engine for 1937 there is a 3/8 tapped outlet in the block located drivers side just next to the crankcase ventilator and hiding right behind the generator.......what is this for???? Thanks AACA
  3. Looking for late 20s early 30s Ross steering box with column 815 403 3803 used in a lot of big cars
  4. I have what I believe is an early right hand box and column if any interest let me know How’s 100 plus the ride? john 8154033803
  5. Sorry for the late answers.... model 60 Century I bought from Dave with the complete drive train in it which I am using for a Special. I am in northwest Illinois Harvard Illinois specially the chassis is in my trailer and delivery could possibly be worked out? may consider parting Brand new rear springs available 53 inch separately as a pair
  6. Brand new labels still on this pair of rear springs measure 53 inches eye to eye 7 leafs. removed from a 1937 Buick 60 $300.00 815 403 3803
  7. Thanks George, started there and two are not interested.
  8. 1937 Chassis clean and sand blasted, painted no rust. Front end shocks rebuilt, new kingpins and wheel bearings, steering box and shaft, wheels and tires. $650.00 John Ullrich 815 403 3803
  9. I have a 37 Century Buick chassis that is sand blasted and painted, no rear end or rear spring, front end complete with new kingpins, front shocks, wheel bearings, steering box and shaft, front wheels and tires. $650.00. John Ullrich 815 403 3803
  10. I have a 1937 Buick that I want to have the torque tube shortened by @ 24 inches. Any one have any suggestions? Thanks AACA John Ullrich
  11. Go to the ECG club (Early Cadillac Group) and join. No charge for membership. Great source for any early Cadillac 1914 and older. Anything goes with a speeeeedster, have fun.
  12. Need the Radiator Grill shell for a project, with or with out the grill insert. John Ullrich 815 403 3803 Thanks AACA
  13. I suggest you immediately contact all of the recycle centers in the area with a description of the parts as they usually will just pile scrap for a day or so until they have enough to load. So Sorry for your misfortune.....irreplaceable hope you had your project insured, but that wont help much. I have been following your project. John
  14. contact david directly.....use my name, i believe it is the BC radiator. 815 246 4545. Dont know for sure He was an aaca judge and knowledgeable on early cars, I assume the radiator will be expensive. Let me know how you do or if you are still looking. Happy Holidays
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