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Manifold Heater Cover for a 1926 Oakland 6-54


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I would like to find a manifold heater cover or at least a picture of one installed on a car. I would like to heat the car so I could drive it on sunny days in the winter, and a heater would be nice. You can find all kinds of 12 volt heaters but no 6 volt. Here's a picture of one for a model A.


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These pictures are manifold heaters on 29-31 Pontiacs.  I believe with a cardboard pattern a local sheel metal shop would have no trouble making one.  These might help you design one for your Oakland

Good Luck






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Have you ever considered a padded winter front and hood cover.  They keep the interior of the car fairly warm as the engine heat cannot escape through the hood. This is the only picture I have of one.  Any upholstery shop could make one.

winter front 1.jpg

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