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  1. I am looking for a speedometer drive pinion and shaft assembly for my 1926 Oakland. It is item number 28 center figure at the top of the page on the attachment.
  2. I am looking for a speedometer drive pinion and shaft assembly for my 1926 Oakland. It is item number 28 on the attachment.
  3. Kornkurt, I've serched for 6 volt and can't find anything, all kinds of 12 volt. The heaters on ebay all require tapping into the cooling system, which I don't want to do on a car this old.
  4. Tinindian, Is the bottom open to the manifold? I can't tell from the pictures.
  5. I would like to find a manifold heater cover or at least a picture of one installed on a car. I would like to heat the car so I could drive it on sunny days in the winter, and a heater would be nice. You can find all kinds of 12 volt heaters but no 6 volt. Here's a picture of one for a model A.
  6. Thanks, I found KM Life Style before, but, no sender for the 1926 Oakland.
  7. Does anyone know of a supplier for the sender/fuel pickup for a 1926 Oakland with the Telegage fuel gage?
  8. I have a 1926 Oakland 6-54C Landau Sedan. I have rebuilt the engine and had all the water passages in the block and head cleaned. I have had the radiator cleaned out by a radiator shop and the water pump checked by two restoration shops. The engine continues to over heat. I got a digital infrared thermometer and in the garage it will maintain 160 - 170 as long as I rev the engine. Took it out today and drove about 5 miles with 5 people in the car and climbed a few small hills and it overheated. Any ideas?
  9. I'm looking for the metal grommets where the wire connectors go through the headlight shell on a 1926 Oakland Tilt Ray Headlight.
  10. Give Wayne Koffel a call, he's the expert on Oaklands and has a treasure trove of parts including engines. (610)217-5862
  11. Does anyone have any information on overhauling an Oakland 6-54C engine, bore, crank journal sizes, torque specs, valve dimension etc?
  12. I followed your link, they don't list anything for Oaklands except manuals.
  13. Does anyone know where I can find parts for a 1926 Oakland model 54 engine? I need gaskets, wrist pin keeper screws.
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