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  1. George; Appreciate you getting in touch with me, the car will not be driven and will be on display. The actual year will not be important but would like a running moving vehicle. Have located two engines as of yesterday one is a 1925. Further research may pinpoint the actual year model at the time a photo, another photo may show another year . Steve
  2. Involved in the restoration of a special built car for a race up Pikes Peak in the early 1920's. Designed and built by an engineer in the 20's, it has survived to date intact but is missing an original engine. We would appreciate help in finding a 1920's Oakland, this badge became Pontiac in 1930, if we can not locate an Oakland we may have to settle for an early 1930's Pontiac. Leads would also be appreciated, I can be contacted directly at 707-480-4606 or callcoy1@gmail.com. Thank You Steve
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