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Just bought my first V-12 engine.


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Hello from Nebraska. 

New member, first posting 


So yesterday I stopped by an old brick building that was a Ford dealership back  in the 50’s.
I’m  almost 60 years old and remember going there as a kid .

Dad would always get me an I cream sandwich when we stopped in .  Well anyway it’s been locked up and sort of forgotten about since I was in high school so I noticed the door open and stopped in to look around. 
long story short I ended up finding a 41 flathead V8. And a V-12 Lincoln. 

The Lincoln is not complete but what’s there is pretty neat. 

my question is how do you date the V-12’s 

where do I look for any I’d numbers ?218D5207-C348-4A7E-AD7C-865E63FBCF41.thumb.jpeg.43339854e8de5878f755524cfbf1eb1d.jpeg

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