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  1. Must be so rare no one knows how to respond .
  2. Found another one , so, how do you date this one ? There are no other markings on this block.
  3. Lol. Nebraska. I guess I bought it so thanks for all the responses. Im thinking of putting it in a boat. I wonder if anyone has ever made exhaust manifolds for marine use like they did for the Y block .
  4. What’s this worth ? It’s been sitting indoors for 40 years , it turns over freely, has distributor in a box , looks clean inside the spark plug holes . It’s a 1946.
  5. Ok thanks for that link. so do you think this is marked 58H or 56H ? It sure looks like 58H but your link says there is no such thing . it’s supposed to be out of a 46 Lincoln the heads are clearly marked 26H 6050. And 26H 6049
  6. I might know where one is . What is one worth these days?
  7. Where do I find the identifying numbers on this engine to determine the year ?
  8. Hello from Nebraska. New member, first posting So yesterday I stopped by an old brick building that was a Ford dealership back in the 50’s. I’m almost 60 years old and remember going there as a kid . Dad would always get me an I cream sandwich when we stopped in . Well anyway it’s been locked up and sort of forgotten about since I was in high school so I noticed the door open and stopped in to look around. long story short I ended up finding a 41 flathead V8. And a V-12 Lincoln. The Lincoln is not complete but what’s there is pretty neat. my question is how do you date the V-12’s where do I look for any I’d numbers ?
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