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Pretty '40 Hudson on BAT

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6 hours ago, Jeff Perkins / Mn said:

HW.....what would you suspect this car will hammer at? Maybe 15K? Tough market for those type of cars. I do not feel BAT is the right place to sell that car, speaking from experience.

Well, there's a question. I suppose it could reach fifteen if the right guy was interested. This time of year and being where it's located, it might not go much beyond eleven. I'm not the "right guy", myself. It's an eight, which I like, but no overdrive and being this time of year and being well into Montana, I guess I just don't see it for myself. If it were the more deluxe "Country Club" model, I know that I'd really have to pursue it. I will say, though, that I like the interior and I rarely ever like modern fabrics in vintage cars.The Counrty Clubs came on 126" wheelbases, while the one on the top of this page was 117". Here's a pic of a '40 Hudson Country Club interior.  It's in awful shape, but if you look close, you can see some of the classy details:


Image may contain: people sitting


The Hudson it's from is also on Facebook. It's for sale in San Diego for $9,500. It won't sell for that price.:



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