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Buick Bugle Past Issues, 1971 to 1993


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I have about 200 old Buick Bugle's, The official publication of the Buick Club of America. It is not a complete collection but mostly all there from as early as 1971 up to 1993. I will give them to someone who would like them. They can be picked up in person or will ship for the cost of shipping. I have enjoyed these for many years but no longer have vintage Buicks in my collection, no room to store. Must take all of them. You can call me if interested , Allen at 217 778 1425. Located in Central Illinois.




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Back issues of club magazines are sometimes

hard to find a home for;  but some Buick fans

should appreciate what you have.

You should scroll down the list of topics to the

"Buick Buy/Sell" category, and copy your topic

there.  That Buick category is where the most

Buick fans will see your posting.


All the best to you in helping out another Buick collector!

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