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Packard Door rubber/ seals


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Greeting from NC!   I have just added this 1941 180 touring sedan to our  collection.  I am the process of cleaning and evaluating the car.  So, the door seals/ rubbers are an absolute  running gooey dripping mess!   I know someone out there   "has  been there done that" and has a  great and simple solution for cleaning and preparing for new seals. .   What a mess, the rear door where actually suck shut and i have  puddles of rubber  on the running boards from the door seals.     HELP!   LOL   Thanks in advance.   ja


ps- i know you Guy's like to see photos so i attached a few for you viewing pleasure.   also- i need a teardrop shaped cowl mount antenna- holes are already there...

1941 180 touring sedan c.jpg

1941 180 touring sedan a.jpg

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