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Cadillac Convertible


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We are seriously looking for a 1966 Cadillac Convertible.  A very nice original is our preference.  It must have factory A-C, and I'd prefer a deVille but will consider an Eldorado. Black is our first choice, but other colors will be carefully considered if your car is really nice.   Red exterior or interior is not on the list.   White interior is not a favorite either.  Picky, but do not have to talk to my wife, beg a banker, or sell something else first.  I'd also consider a 1970.  209 531-3095 or danshan1@att.net   We live an hour north of San Francisco but are willing to travel.

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Dan, all the best to you in your search.  One to your

liking should be out there if you're patient.


You might give your location.  For example, if you're

in Chicago, are you willing to get one from Maine or

California or Nova Scotia?  Also, a phone number will help

people reach you better:  Many newcomers post an ad

and then don't check back for responses.



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The car in the picture is a Locomobile, my only pre-war car.

Otherwise, I gravitate to cars of more recent decades such as

1960's and 1970's Buicks, Cadillacs, Lincolns--appreciating

models and colors that are a bit less common and therefore

good at starting conversations.  I don't have a '66 Cadillac, however! 


Dan, I agree that red convertibles, while good looking, are

common enough that something else would be more interesting.

And white leather interiors show every crease and crack.

Cadillac offered at least 20 paint colors, and would do custom colors,

so something a bit less common would be nice.

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