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Machine Shop Wanted (San Diego/ SoCal)


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Cannot  help you with Southern Cal Buck Nailhead experienced machine shops but make darn sure to ask when having nailhead "head work" performed and only by a shop that has the knowledge of actually working on Nail Head Engines and heads  as you will not find many ... as they will know what to do to them and what not to do to them.  Buick Nail Head engines are not a Chevy or Ford !!


For example :  You absolutely do not need to have them cut and insert hardened seats.  The metal used on Cadillacs and Buicks heads of this Nail Head era was of  extremely high quality metallurgical Boron content and hard.  Also the port wall thickness jackets are extremely thin and close to the port and many Buick heads have been honed through the water jacket and ruined.  There is a proper freezing process if you absolutely feel the need to insert hardened seats and theres a guy that does that in I believe South Dakota ... but then again why take the chance.


From Russ at NailHead Buick . com


" ..... 15 PLUS Most common mistakes We get lots of phone calls and emails everyday, Here are the most common mistakes done by builders and machinists. Number one is valve guide clearance too tight, the new stainless valves require .002-.003 on intakes and .0025- .0035 on exhaust valves or you will have serious problems.


" Number two, trying to install hardened seats and ruining the heads, Buick's don't need them .... "






Call Russ and he will most likely know someone trust worthy to send them to in Southern Cal.

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