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FS - 1927 Chevy

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Dad says the speedometer shows 90+ thousand, but less than 100,000. He couldn't remember exactly... This is his busiest time of year as he is a farmer and has been out bailing hay. He has had no problems with the engine. He never took the top down as he was nervous that he wouldn't get it back on correctly. He isn't sure about the restoration and history. He does have the previous owners number "somewhere". We could find out more information that way. Thank you for your help and interest in the car.

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Just talked to my Dad. The car was restored in 1991 by a man who lives in Mount Pilot, MO (he bought the car in Illinois and brought it over).  There is a sticker on the windshield indicating the restoration place and year. The motor is in excellent condition, a complete overhaul. 

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