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FS - 1966 Buick Wildcat Convertible

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Lisa, your ad is good to include the price, location,

and contact information.  To make it more useful,

can you describe the car in detail?  And provide at

least a few good-quality pictures.


Since ads here are free--not like newspaper classifieds--

feel free to write in detail!  And be sure to check back

regularly to answer questions posed here.  All the

best to you with the sale.

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Thanks for the comments - the car is in storage for the winter and we will be getting it out this weekend so I will post some pictures. It was my father's car and he passed away several years ago so I don't know a lot about it in terms of detail except that it is 22 feet long 🙂 in good condition has been stored in a dry garage for 15 years and came from California. I posted price - I am near Cleveland, Ohio and I gave my cell for text or call 330-931-0938. Thanks!

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