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1986 Indianapolis Meet - Photographer ?

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Bill, read your post but forgot to reply. Now read it again. I have a VCR tape that I converted to DVD a few years ago that

my good friend Richard Sandberg took. It's not very good quality as the tape deteriorated all these years. He took

video of the swap meet as he walked along, multiple videos of the cars going around the track and quite a bit 

of the cars as he was walking in the show area. He also briefly interviewed some BCA members standing near

their cars in the show area. I don't know what you're looking for but I'd be glad to review my DVD and look for you.

Richard wasn't any kind of official photographer at the meet. He merely was filming for himself and provided me 

and possibly others with a VCR copy at the time. If I see what you're looking for in the DVD I'd be glad to provide

a copy to you.

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Steve:  Thanks.  Realized recently, that it was actually at the 1991 Regional meet.  I found a small size picture of my car on the track and had it blown up to the size I need for framing, so I'm good.  Appreciate the help.


Bill McLaughlin

1929 Sil;ver Anniversary Buick Club

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