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Brake question 1950 Windsor

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Interesting issue arose today. Was getting ready to go for a ride and thankfully only made it to the end of the driveway before things turned bad. Went to hit the brakes and down to the floor she went. Handbrake stopped me fine. Pulled pedal up with toes and proceeded to turn car around thinking I blew a wheel cylinder and pulled back into drive only this time pedal went 1/2 way down and stopped the car, put would not return fully. Brakes stayed engaged. Lifted up with toe and brakes released. Got it ready to go up the lift once I get finished with the brakes on my 63 Dodge 880 this afternoon. I do not have a blown wheel cylinder so am I correct in guessing the master just took a dump on me?

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Thanks.  Will get into it. Drove fine 3 days ago. Parked. Today this. Is a new one for me. So this return will keep the pedal from returning ?  The brakes stayed engaged till I pull the pedal back manually then release as normal. And manually pulling back it is will some resistance.  Lets hope this doesn't start a pandemic here as I have a few others with this master. maybe it caught it from my 63 Dodge.

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