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Looking for the carpet trim under driver side door handle 1988 Maroon


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The piece on the passenger side was hanging loose and it came right off for regluing.  The one on the drivers side was also loose so I tried removing it and got half way but there was a lot of glue in small areas which caused it to tear unfortunately.  Does anyone have a line on one or maybe know a good place to get replacement fabric to cut to size?  I could always go to a upholstery shop but they might charge more than really is justified.


I also just got it back from the paint shop and had the trunk and hood repainted because the clear coat was starting to peel somewhat.  They blended the paint great with the rest of the car.  I also had them put new pinstripes.  Prior to that last fall I had it in the upholstery shop for new headliner, repair and re-dye the seats and new speaker grille(s).  So as you can see I am trying to get her ‘up to date’ the best I can.  Though in hindsight I should had left the trim piece alone.  Oh well.



Luke P.



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