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I found 2 places that could make stuff for the Reatta.

A motor builder/fabricator at www.badasscars.com that will make engines how you'll like em to, price is vague

and I wouldn't ask, but a basic Chevy 350 costed $3500 US. Something to check out.

The other is a carbon fiber fabricator in PEI, I can't remember the web address, I think it was something like Doug's Custom

Hot Rod, I'll try and find it, and they do body panels, trunks, hoods, for customs and hotrods. So I gather they can make

whatever. Their products are supposed to be way better than fiberglass (lighter/more durable). They had ball park figures labelled. For a hood they listed

unofficially $350 US. I wrote to them just asking what would be needed to make one and I'm waiting for a response.

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I found that hotrod place in PEI, although it looks as though they only do Willy s and 30s Roadsters. it is cuttingedgeauto.com

Glasstek appears they could do a fiberglass hood. They say call if you don't see your car. All the hoods listed are $300. Thanks for the feedback. I realize bad ass appears expensive but they have many arguments relating to durability and quality that seem pretty considerable if their engines are in fact that durable. A 12 month warranty is a little short for such a durable motor builder/fabricator. They say they can make whatever. I'm more interested in a near 300hp motor, that'll work with the Reatta's computers. And make it N/A, run 90 octane, and if at all possible lighter, with a 7500RPM redline, and 36 ah heck 44 MPG highway fuel economy.

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