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  1. For a day or so I thought I had an answer. It was a 2004 Impala SS Indy that I test drove after the Allure that suprized me when it averaged less fuel than the Allure did. Insurance for the Impala is comparably good. Wife asks to check out rates for the not as big more efficient Malibu that doesn't take premium gas or make the same transmission destroying power. Malibu gets the same rate. Seams like Malibu is the way to go but see the links below about what people had to say about the Malibu's steering. So now I'm back to not knowing. 04 Impala has some issues with the speedometer and gage cluster going haywire. Also I probably wouldn't use all that power in order to spare the transmission.
  2. I checked out a 2005 off rental Allure/Lacrosse yesterday, thinking about what has been said about the LeSabre's fuel economy considering that the series III and smaller appearing car should match it or do better. I reset the avg once warmed up and drove as efficiently within reason (waiting out red lights when possible, even went on the hwy). Disappointment. I thought I had a dud but I looked at edmunds, lots of people saying the same thing about mpg. Interior is nice, ride is nice and predictable and not too floaty. Was there ever an instance where the car companies were accused of making the computer readouts on fuel economy too optimistic, cuz this one surely wasn't.
  3. I wanted a Miata but then I saw the trunk. I think Mazda should make it a priority to figure out how to put a properly sized trunk in there. I didn't think about the 4 banger Alero. Is the 2.4 good? I will keep the Series 2 Lesabre in mind.
  4. Thats kind've where I'm all over the place. 3 - 9K. I'd like to have the car so I can wait out for some of the newer model cars to be tested and depreciated. I'd like it to last a year per $2000. I want to see what the fuel effiecnt cars will be worth after electrics become available. I figure it may not be far off.
  5. I am extremely sad to report that my 1989 Reatta Black on burgandy was totalled by a mack truck Nov 21 2008. Weather was not a factor, and I had snow tires on. The car had 296000kms. For the mean time I am going to hold off on buying another Reatta until I find a place with a garage, as I don't want to subject another to winter. I posted a number of pictures of the car under the subject of rims and tires. I don't believe the latest version of the site has them. If anyone has copied and downloaded pictures of it I'd like to have a copy, seriously. The pictures had the car with Chrome Ronal R25 rims that I feel were made for the Reatta and like the Reatta were unique unknown and discontinued. My wife has found a few nice pictures, I will post up from when we went camping. I am wondering what to get for a new (well not new) car. Ugliness is not a factor. I would like to stay away from black rubber looking interiors (the Accent). I'd like to get something that has the best offset between insurance cost and Fuel economy, reliability being important. It can be old if it has really depreciated because of ugliness or bad reps from other models. Looking at later model GMs is like walking through a minefield. I'm scared to own anything that has the potential of hydrolocking due to head gasket or whatver failure. Also I like the supercharged cars, but the transmission becomes a concern. I mean I could get modified tranny off ZZP if I really like the car and can trust I won't need to replace the AC, powersteering unit, window motors or control arms. It won't be easy though cuz I live in Mississauga Ontario Canada. The Volvo S40 & Honda Fit doesn't seem to get the insurance rates I expected. Most used small Toyotas are in the neighbourhood of 120000kms. Anyone know about the 2001 V6 Solara? HOw about the 2006 3.8l Allure, are they quality? How far have pre 08 Focuses gone till they died? 1995 Stealth RT Auto 200000kms good/bad? My commute is fairly short (8 miles). Any ideas?
  6. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Vincent Vega</div><div class="ubbcode-body">What year? 88's don't have a finned cooler. It's just a line that passes in front of the condenser. </div></div> Oh thats what that is. It doesn't appear to have much cooling capacity. I can't imagine one of those costing too much. I can't imagine why they didn't want to mess with it. Anyone with suggestions of an appropriate aftermarket one, maybe one off a newer Buick?
  7. thanks The topping up worked, but the fluid kept dissappearing within a couple days. I did manage to drive the car pretty far (over 3000km up till now). The mechanic is saying the high-pressure hose is leaking as well as the cooler. For some reason I cannot find what "the cooler" is on Rockauto. High pressure hose does not appear too expensive, what do you suppose a cooler costs?
  8. Thanks, That helped a lot. Its amazing the impression it was giving me before. I was worried about a number of things: PS Pump, belt, suspension, transmission...
  9. A failing coilpak can cause the same thing.
  10. Okay I checked the level. (The car has been sitting for a few hours.) Power-steering fluid is submerging "A" for ADD.
  11. I hear groning noises when I turn the wheel. Is it the powersteering? What should be replaced? How much should it cost if I take it to a garage? I'm also hearing a winding noise that changes pitch with engine RPM, could this be coming from the same thing or is it a cold transmission?
  12. Check out this link.
  13. Thanks I aven't installed anything yet. I'm uncertain whether I have the right module. It has a 2 prong plug and a 4 prong connector on top. The box says power module. #16061602 Here's a pic of the part I got.
  14. The links to the FSM on appear to be broken for me. The fan comes on occasionally, (it started doing this in summer). So I got a new fan module, and motor with wheel. Looking at the exploded diagram from another post the procedure appears to be pretty straight forward. (Go under the hood, Take cover off blower, and there should be a motor and the ATC module is just above it?) Correct me if I'm wrong on this, it will save me time. My tools available are an adjustable wrench, a socket set, and an interchaging screw driver. Should i be able to do this?
  15. With the amount of searches I do I can't believe I haven't seen this picture before. http Buick Performance