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Hello All,

First time on this forum, but this is my third post!. I had an intro and questions in general and general Buick but I'm still fishing through the forum index and hope I found the right intro.

I'm kind of an old timer(69) and a retired Chevrolet mechanic of 25 years. I just purchased a 41 Sedanette that I feel in love with the first day I saw it. As a matter of fact, I'm still waiting for the shipper to drop it off, or for a better word, deliver it. I'm hoping to get it this week, but this virus issue might slow delivery down. Gosh, I hope not! I feel stupid asking a basic question like this but what fluids does this car use? I have the 41 shop manual but the fluids are listed with obsolete GM and Buick part #'s or their fancy names like "Super Dupper,Slick Oil or some other retail name. What are the SAE weights for:

Rear End fluid- is it still 90 weight gear oil?

Trans. Fluid

Brake Fluid DOT#

Air Cleaner oil

Although I worked for Chevrolet for 25 years, I never worked on a car this old. I want to make sure I use the right fluids. I'm sure I'll have more questions as I get deeper into the car but for now this is my primary concern. There's not much I can't handle since I have a complete shop at home with lift, presses ,compressors, etc. I am confident that my new addition will keep me busy and I won't have to worry about wearing out rocking chairs now that I'm retired. I also own a classic corvette, but it needs nothing (at the moment) right now. The 41 will be driven in summer weather only and I will post pics once it arrives.

Thank's for your help in advance and I'm sure I'll be on here for some time. This is my third post, but the other two intros I posted were in the wrong category. Like I said, I'm a new be and still stumbling around here. 

All the best



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Welcome Ed

  . Other owner of that type car will chime soon I am sure . A couple first questions will be . Is it running and being used now . If so Previous owner may have info with . Second if not was it rebuild  ie  engine  trans and such . More modern lubes can be used on overhauls if compatible to metals ,rebuild or not rebuild with . Lubes are a big controversy . You'll have to read here and pick your poison . Even fuel and additives are discussed in depth . Non-E . Lead , Sta-biles .   Good luck . and Enjoy the Ride .   Tom

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