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1904 curved dash olds help


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We are in need of the valve cam lobes and compression release cam lobe for this engine. The cam lobes have been "overly repaired" and we are not getting the correct valve clearance. If anyone has a engine breakdown diagram with the valve lobes to machine new lobes, or a good set of  lobes that we can use to have another set machined would be appreciated.

I have sent  out an inquiry on the www.hcca.org site to the person in Canada who owns this same model car. No response by email or telephone. 

Keeping history alive- Paul 

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There are a bunch of 1904's around.  Mine is an 03 but I owned a 04 at one time.  You really need to get involved with the Curved  Dash Oldsmobile Club as the group has a lot of parts they share.  Gary Hoonsbeen's book has some specs on the cam but his book with blueprints does not include the camshaft print.  

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