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66 Wildcat

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I am trying to restore a 66 Wildcat with my nephew. I cant seem to find tubular front control arms, drop spindles, and disc brake conversion, floor pans, trunk pan for this car. I was told any B-body GM would share the same suspension parts but I ordered upper and lower control arms for a 66 impala and they aren't even close. Any leads on where to find this stuff or an accurate interchange? 

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Hi Chris,

  You wont find much in  aftermarket/restomod parts for your Wildcat. You should be able to find a disc brake conversion in spite of the fact the Buick drum brakes were the best in their time. I would guess an Ebay user called "scarebird" would have the brackets for discs.

  On the plus side, your Buick was a higher quality automobile as compared to its Chevrolet cousin. Much of the brightwork on your Wildcat is stainless steel instead of the anodized Aluminum on lesser GM offerings. That means you can straighten and polish your existing trim instead of having no choice but to purchase same in repro.

  Another advantageous aspect of owning a Wildcat is you actually have "more car" as compared to other b body offerings in other GM divisions. The Wildcat is built on a longer chassis/wheelbase as compared to its little cousin the LeSabre and shares front end sheetmetal dimensions with the top of the line Electra. In other GM divisions the top of the line B body offerings were just trim packages on the cheapest B body chassis/wheelbase.

  Good luck with your Wildcat,

Tom Mooney

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