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1931 1932 1933 FS-Franklin Airman battery/ tool box panels and more.


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These panels are scarce . They fit the tool box or the battery compartment  on 31-33 large series  cars $150.00 each. The last 2 pictures are a 1931 153 sedan too box. $100.0 I also have splash aprons  for these year cars . If you are running a 32 or a 33 you could add the toolbox with these parts. Also in the first two pictures is the air box cover with proper knob. $125.00 Mike West  585 738 1541


franklin panels.jpg

franklin panels 1.jpg

franklin panels 2.jpg

franklin panels 3.jpg

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I may have one but i use file cabinet locks from Home depot or lowes. Get the one that has the long tang. If you bend the tang just right the work great and look great also. They are chrome and have brass keys. The lock barrel has a flat spot just like the doors so they dont spin.

door lock lowes.jpg

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