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Seeking help please. V12 Distributor set up in the UK


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I am trying to help a friend get his 1937 LZ V12 running.  We need to have the distributor set up properly . Is there anyone in the UK who has the special tool to set this distributor up please ? Alternatively, is there a reliable way to set the distributor up without the special tool ? Many thanks for any help that can be offered.  Brian.

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The distributor can be set up with a timing fixture, but the best method is a distributor machine. I have the instructions for the Sun machine. The Zephyr distributor uses the same adapter as the Ford 32-41 distributor.


To find someone that can help you in the UK, go to the Early Ford V-8 Club website and click on REGIONAL GROUPS. Scroll down to the information for the UK group and contact them. Lincolns are welcome in the Club.




To just get it running you can use a dwell meter by setting each set of points to .014-.016" and check the dwell for 36degrees of dwell. The timing screw should be set at the center position.




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