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  1. British licence plates show the car was first registered in the County of the North Riding of Yorkshire October/November 1930. Hudson and Essex were assembled from CKD kits just outside central London.
  2. 1939 AEC (Associated Equipment Company) RT class bus for London Transport. Photo shows RT1 prototype in July1939. This class of bus was still in use in London until 1979 .
  3. c1922 Republic truck with British coachwork.
  4. 1932 Ford Model Y pre-production prototype. Designed for the British and European markets in Dearborn by Eugene "Bob" Gregorie. Edsel Ford liked it so much that the design was scaled up and became the 1933/34 Ford V8
  5. 1936/7 Ford V8 with coachwork by unknown German builder.
  6. 1932 Ford V8 with coachwork by Chaseside Motors, Enfield, England.
  7. The running board trim is the same for 1936 and 1937 but the 1938 is longer. I have measured a couple of battered trims that I have here and the 1936/7 is 91 inches long whereas the 1938 is 94 inches long. This makes sense as the 1938 had a slightly longer wheelbase and the extra length of the trim is in the front fender. I also measured the rear skirt trims but only have a 1936/7 and that is 41 inches long. Although they look the same the 1938/9 rear skirts are slightly deeper than the 1936/7 in the rear section were the lock fits. I don't have a 1938 skirt trim to measure but I think they must be slightly longer. According to the parts book they have a different part number to the 1936/7 trim so there must be some kind of diffidence. Hope this helps...Regards, Colin.
  8. 1936/7 Ford V8 Model 62 manufactured in England fitted with the small 22hp (RAC rating) engine known as the V860 in USA. An almost identical car was sold in France as the Matford, a collaboration between Mathis and Ford. The aircraft is a Vultee V-1AD used in 1936 during an attempt at the first New York -London-New York double crossing flown by Harry Richman and Henry T "Dick" Merrill in the famous "Ping Pong" flight when to ensure buoyancy in case of ditching, empty spaces in the aircraft were filled with ping pong balls. It was later used by Nationalist Forces in Spain as a transport and high speed bomber.
  9. 1923 Ford TT one ton truck , Manchester, England built, left to rot with only 2156 miles.
  10. 1938 Lincoln-Zephyr Convertible Coupe Type 760B with RHD
  11. This photo shows the French General Maxime Waygand (1867-1965) arriving at an army conference in a 1939 Lincoln-Zephyr Convertible Sedan. By early 1940 the military disaster in France after the German invasion was such that the Supreme Commander, Maurice Gamelin was dismissed and replaced by Waygand who was recalled from service in Syria. Waygand arrived on 17 May 1940 and did his best to organise a counter-offensive but it was too late. The licence plate "TL" is a French Army issue for Levant, Syria and Lebannon so it is probable that Waygand brought the car from Syria with him or this photo was taken in Syria. It is difficult to imagine that the French Army would purchase a gleaming new Lincoln convertible with white wall tires so perhaps it was Waygand's personal car.