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1907 Indian


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1907 Indian Motorcycle for sale.  Single cylinder, 2 1/2 hp.  1st year for mechanically operated valves.  Fuel tank sits atop the rear fender.  Beautiful graphics.  Restored to very high quality.  Engine number 6174.  Would look great on display.  Black paint with appropriate nickel plating.  More photos available.    Asking  $59,5k.

Call or e-mail with any questions.  Thanks,  Joe        860-868-7012      jps359@aol.com


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Nice restoration.Did you ever have it judged at an AMCA meet? I had my original 1913 Harley judged once at 98.5 points I recall  but the judge made an error so I never had it re judged as the goal for most in that endeavour is to attain a 'winner's circle" 100 points. Back in the 80's when the AMCA was first adopting a judging setup the  AMCA chief judge "Doc" Patt had a few of his bikes judged at the Hershey AACA meet.Of course this judging business can be a real quagmire. Good luck with the sale. 

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