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  1. For Sale; 1907 Indian Motorcycle. Single cylinder, 2 1/2 hp engine. 1st year for mechanically operated valves. Fuel tank sits atop rear fender. Beautiful graphics. Has correct and rare Hedstrom carburetor. Cycle is restored to a very high quality. Engine #6174. Bike is black with appropriate nickel plating. Would be a great display piece or as a rider. Call or e-mail with any questions or if you need more photos. Asking $59,5k. Thanks for looking, Joe. 860-868-7012 or jps359@aol.com
  2. 2 brass carbide generators for sale: 1st is a General Automotive Supply Co. Manuf. by JDColt Co, NY. 2 compartment generator with mounting bracket attached. Very good condition with no cracks. Dimensions are 9" tall x 9" wide x 4" deep. Patent is '04. Asking $1,950. 2nd is a Phares Ducellier Generator. Manuf. in Paris, France. A large and rare generator with dimensions of 7" wide x 7" deep x 13" tall. In very good condition with all fittings/controls . Patent '09. Asking $2,650. I can polish both generators if need be. Call or e-mail with any questions or if you need more photos. Many other brass lights/etc available. Thanks, Joe jps359@aol.com 860-868-7012
  3. I have a great set of Hayes wire wheels. 25" along with two front hubs, two rear drive hubs, lock rings and 7 caps. Wheels were glass beaded and epoxy primed. No pitting on wheels/spokes. Really nice condition. Let me know if you have any interest. e-mail jps359@aol.com Joe 860-868-7012
  4. Don, Send me your e-mail. I will get back to you today, Friday, 3/13. jps359@aol.com Thanks, Joe
  5. The wire wheels are totally original. They are Hayes wire wheels. They are in epoxy primer and have absolutely no pitting on the wheels, centers, spokes, etc. Have 4 hubs, 2 drive and 2 front. All 4 lock rings and 5 caps. If I remember correctly, one wheel is missing 2 spokes. Besides that, these could be sanded and finish painted. Truly great condition. Can send photos if interested. The casting are in sand. If you want to e-mail me, I will send you a photo of the crankcase casting to show you the quality. The castings are all from virgin aluminum, nothing recycled, and they receive a #5 heat treat for strength and machinability. With recycled material, too much contamination. Feel free to call with questions/ideas/comments. Thanks, Joe
  6. Brass headlights, sidelights, horns, gas generators, windshield frames, convertible top frames, gas tanks, coil boxes, great set of 25 wire wheels with hubs/caps/lock rings in excellent condition, lots of T parts , sets of bucket seat/barrel seats, some sheet metal (fenders). Let me know what you are looking for. I also do aluminum casting of parts. Have Simplex short stroke crankcase castings for sale. Thanks, Joe
  7. For Sale; I have some great original speedster tanks for sale. All are in very good original condition. 1st is a Stutz Bearcat tank with the twin caps, around '12. 2nd is what I believe is an Overland tank of around '14 vintage, very similar is size/shape to the Stutz tank, but with only one center cap. Also have Model T torpedo tanks. All of these tanks have original mounting brackets and straps. Other tanks of different sizes and shapes also available . Let me know what you need. Many brass era parts for sale. Thanks, Joe jps359@aol.com or 860-868-7012
  8. 1907 Indian Motorcycle for sale. Single cylinder, 2 1/2 hp. 1st year for mechanically operated valves. Fuel tank sits atop the rear fender. Beautiful graphics. Restored to very high quality. Engine number 6174. Would look great on display. Black paint with appropriate nickel plating. More photos available. Asking $59,5k. Call or e-mail with any questions. Thanks, Joe 860-868-7012 jps359@aol.com
  9. I will be at Hershey this year, spaces RNF 41-43. Near the TIP tent in the red field. I will have a large selection of brass era lights,horns,gas generators, brass windshield frames, wire wheel/hubs/caps, speedster tanks, early trunks, etc. Most of these items have not seen the light of day in many decades. Stop by if you are looking for quality brass era parts. Thanks, Joe
  10. I will be at Hershey this year, spaces RNF 41-43. Near the TIP tent in the red field. I will have a large selection of brass era parts for sale. Lights, horns, gas generators, brass winddshield frames. wire wheels/hubs/caps, Speedster gas tanks, early trunks,etc. These parts have not seen the light of day for many decades. Stop by if you are looking for good quality parts for your brass car. Thanks! Joe
  11. Vintage trunk for early automobile, brass era. Excellent original condition. Dimensions are 30" wide x 17" deep at bottom/ 15" deep at top x 16" tall. Have one more trunk also available, same era. $450./ OBO. Call or e-mail with any questions or offers. 860-868-7012 jps359@aol.com. Thanks
  12. Tank and wire wheels with hubs are still available.
  13. Looking for 1 or a set of Hayes #5 caps for wire wheels. Any help is appreciated. Call or e-mail 860-868-7012 or jps359@aol.com Thanks
  14. Checking on the Rushmore generator. Lights are for sale. Taking offers. Thanks
  15. Ron, Left a message on the phone at 9:20 this evening. Am interested in caps. 860-868-7012
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