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1941 CHEVROLET & BUICK Dealer Envelope, Fillmore, Utah


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In the 1930's and '40's, a company in our town of Stevens Point, Wisconsin provided a service of financing the property insurance premiums of small town auto dealerships. This premium finance company paid the annual premium for the dealer in the form of a loan. Then, the dealer repaid this loan in monthly payments to the premium finance company.

I have a number of mailing envelopes that these little dealerships used to mail their payments in with. These have very interesting, late 1930's-eary 1940's auto logos on them, and make nice display items.

Here's one from Cluff Chevrolet and BUICK Co. in Fillmore, Utah. Chevrolet "Eye It, Try It, Buy It" slogan. Also has a late 1930's BUICK logo. 1941 postmark and 3 cent stamp.

The price is $13, INCLUDING shipping in the U.S.

013 (800x586) (800x586).jpg

015 (640x412) (640x412).jpg

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