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1939 BUICK FRONT "Nose" Sheet Metal


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This seems to be the piece of 1939 BUICK front sheet metal that takes a beating. It's the first area of the car's nose to be hit above and behind the front bumper. This front sheet metal is definitely correct for Special (40 series) and Century (60 series). I believe it's also right for Roadmaster and Limited. I'll check my parts book on that this evening).

This 80-year-old piece of '39 BUICK sheet metal is a good one...kind of a time capsule. It is totally straight, with no rust, no dents, and lots of original black paint still intact. All of the mounting tabs are in place, and none of them are “thin”. I believe it would be hard to find a nicer example of this 1939 BUICK front end sheet metal. By the way, any white spots you see in the photos are snowflakes, not white paint on the part! Yes, I live in snowy northern Wisconsin

The price is $150, plus the shipping. If you live in one of the Midwest states served by SPEE-DEE Delivery Service, I can ship this part to you for around $50 (maybe less). Otherwise, FedEx Ground shipping is likely to be more costly. Of course, you're always welcome to pick up this part at my place.

Thanks for looking. John

016 (800x641).jpg

018 (800x721).jpg

022 (800x615).jpg

029 (624x800).jpg

026 (800x596).jpg

031 (600x800).jpg

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