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External oil filter

Veiko Jansen

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Veiko, hi.

Roberts Motor Parts has a disposable type oil filter that will mate up to the oil pipe fittings and fit the brackets of your Series 130. https://www.robertsmotorparts.com/oil-filter-throw-away-sealed-cartridge-1


Painted black and it will look much like an original.  Expensive, but since Franklins use a bypass oil system, you don't have to change the filter for a about 5000 thousand miles. Just drain and change the engine oil about every 800 miles and use a good quality motor oil.  


Or, you can use the  oil filter mounting bracket bolts to install one of the after market type filter housings that uses replaceable cartridge filters, or one that uses modern spin-on filters.  Just make sure to use the pipe elbow from the feed line with the small restriction hole in it to help maintain oil pressure to the bearings.



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