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John N. Packard

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After careful measurement, and checking several websites, I came up with the following: the hole in the wheel is 0.205 inch diameter and the clip 0.213 inch diameter. The thickness of the rim and clip, to be joined, is 0.182 inches. Using the guideline that the shank of the rivet should be 1/32 inch or less smaller than the hole and the length 1.5 times the rivet diameter(to form the head) plus the thickness of the rim and clip I came up with a 3/16 inch, flat top, steel rivet 7/16 inches long. Hope that helps!


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Closest I can come are 3/16 by 1/2 flat headed steel. Bad news is you have to order a package of 175. Good news is a pack only costs 6 bucks. If you don't have access to McMaster-Carr, e-mail me and I'll order them for you. I get 1 day delivery, order by 5, the brown truck delivers at 10:30 the next morning.

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