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  1. Bruce, We oldtimers also enjoyed the day at the museum. Thanks to Harford Region for an excellent bus trip and camaraderie! jnp
  2. I worked for a local appliance dealer in the early fifties. He had both a Chevy and a Ford pick-up. What I remember accompanying his technicians on appliance deliveries is that the Chevy could go real fast while the Ford was much slower. Maybe it was the driver. The technician who used the Chevy was a good bit younger than the one assigned to the Ford. jnp
  3. Albert, I'll try to finish the motor overhaul on my '54 Patrician. Health issues have curtailed my efforts for over a year now. I have pulled the motor and transmission and will have the block bored and the crankshaft ground. It's a slow process! jnp
  4. Dawn, We had a request for running an ad until the end of the year and the Board didn't know how to handle it. The fact that you charge more for short term ads is very helpful. jnp
  5. The Lincoln Highway Association did a cross country tour on the remaining portions of that highway a couple of years ago. They did a seminar at the AACA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia that was very interesting. A drive along route 66 should be a great experience. jnp
  6. The Chicora Region held a very nice show today at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach. Temperature in the 80s and bright and sunny weather. I guess 80 to 100 cars participated. Many very fine Corvettes and Mustangs. A Model T Ford, several Model A Fords, and a '59 retractable hardtop. A Delorean fitted with what looked like a turbo drive and a handsome Rolls Royce. I spoke with one of the judging officials and he said this is the 5th year for the show and it has grown in attendance each year. He hopes to add flea market vendors next year. It was an ideal venue for a show and a great vacation treat! jnp
  7. Mark, I drove a '52 Packard with 288 CID eight 60,000 miles as a commuter car going 100 miles per day round trip. I bought gas every other day. This was on a rebuilt engine. I did not have overdrive which would have helped considerably. Most of the commute was at sustained speeds of 55 to 60. So I guess my mileage was in the low teens. The Mobil dealer where I traded gave me discount of several cents per gallon because I was such a regular customer! jnp
  8. I was living in Ashland, Virginia just north of Richmond on U.S. Route 1. Driving tests were given twice a month. At sixteen I was driving a school bus for Ashland High School! Quite an experience. When the kids were rowdy on the way home I just pulled over and told them when they quieted down I would continue. That didn't work in the morning. jnp
  9. I took my test two weeks after I turned 14 in 1949. Drove my father's 1946 Packard. I had tried to take the test two weeks earlier just before I turned 14; but they refused to give me the test, so I had to wait two more weeks. jnp
  10. Mark III, That's the very reason why I don't have a guest book on the Chesapeake site. I do provide my email so that people can contact me if they want to. I get an occasional email, typically people looking for a vintage car for a wedding. jnp
  11. I use the high temperature paint from Eastwood on my manifolds and exhaust pipes. I sandblast to bare metal and then apply the paint. I give it time to cure of several days. Have been very satisfied. My cars are a '54 Packard Eight and a '40 Packard Six. jnp
  12. I concur. I took my '54 manifold apart about a year ago and there was no sign of a gasket. jnp
  13. Hey Randy, Thanks for the great photos of the Mid-Atlantic meet. Dwight does a great job for the Region as Activities Director. I have been a member of Mid-Atlantic for many years and served as the first treasurer. Got elected at the first meet I attended at the Shrewsbury Fire Hall back in the early sixties. George Hamlin was quite distraught. He said " This guy named Packard shows up for the first time and gets elected to office"! jnp <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />
  14. Packin31, I've considered the same questions myself. At the upholstery seminar in Philadelphia several years ago they recommended that all upholstery be removed down to the bare frame and springs. Then clean and paint them before reuphostering. This gets rid of any residual smell and mess left by rodents. If you do that yourself, then the upholsterer will either have to have what was removed or photographs to match the original. If you have individual coil springs that are wrapped in burlap, it becomes quite a task! I would definitely remove the seats and upholstery panels, etc. before attempting any body repair. What I attempt to do is cut out the rotted metal and weld in replacement sheet metal. I have an acetylene gas welder that is probably not the best way to do this. I have attempted leading in some areas but have not mastered the skill of applying it well. I do better with Bondo. What I have experienced is that the more I do, the more I see to do and don't ever seem to be able to completely finish a vehicle! jnp <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />
  15. Chesapeake Region is reviewing the use of ads in our newsletter. What are the going rates for ads in your Region? What is the break even point for ad revenue versus printing and postage costs? Your comments are appreciated! jnp
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