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NOW JUST $10. CARTER 2350-S Carburetor. 1950 to 1953 BUICK.


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PRICE JUST CUT TO $10, plus the shipping.


This is a Carter 2350-S carb. This is a complete carburetor, but I'm selling it as a parts carb. Plenty of dust and dirt on the carb exterior. I haven't done any cleaning. Choke plate is free, but throttle butterflies don't move. Original copper Carter I.D. tag is in place. The choke is complete, with an uncracked Bakelite housing.


I believe this carb application is for 1950 to 1953 BUICK. But, I don't know for which series. So please be sure to check to make sure this carburetor is right for you.


Again, this carb is being sold for parts only. I can't guarantee that it can be a rebuildable core, but it is definitely good for parts.

The new price is just $10, plus the shipping. Thanks for looking. John

004 (664x800).jpg

005 (610x800).jpg

008 (577x800).jpg

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