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NOW JUST $25. CARTER 725-S Carburetor. 1950 to 1953 BUICK.


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PRICE CUT TO JUST $25, plus shipping.


 This is a Carter 725-S carb, suitable for rebuilding. It's a take-off from about 45 years ago. So, there's plenty of dust and dirt on the carb exterior. I haven't done any cleaning. However, everything moves as it should (no shafts seized or rusted). Original copper Carter I.D. tag is in place. The choke is complete, with an uncracked Bakelite housing. Also has the vacuum electric starter switch included. This is the switch activated by the gas pedal starter engagement system.


I believe this carb application is for 1950 to 1953 BUICK. Don't know which series, though. So, be sure to check to make sure this carburetor is right for you.


Again, this carb is being sold as a core. Should be a good candidate for rebuilding. Don't expect to bolt it on as-as, and go down the road!


The price is $55, plus the shipping. NEW PRICE IS JUST $25, plus shipping. Thanks for looking. John

056 (718x800).jpg

059 (723x800).jpg

061 (665x800).jpg

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