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1917 Locomobile parts wanted in UK

Chris Batty

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I bought a 1917 Locomobile three years ago from a guy near Freemantle in Australia who had owned a museum of cars and military vehicles,but had closed it a decade before and my car was now in a chicken shed, he told me that he had bought the car in an auction in the 1980’s in the States from another museum that was closing and he believed that my car had been in that museum since 1948. My chassis number is 12055, which is stamped on the chassis, on the top lip of the bonnet and into the wood on the underside of the floorboards. My engine number is 10377 and the cast date on the bronze crankcase is Jan 5 16. The gearbox has the number 4008 and 9916 ( which I think is 9th September 1916 ) stamped onto a machined area and also onto both top and bottom castings. My engine blocks have 5 4 16 stamped to the machined underside of the base, which again I think is 4th May 1916 when they were finished machining. The brass radiator surround has the number 581 stamped in at the bottom.

The chassis has 16 inches added into the chassis and the torque arm rather crudely, so I have removed this and brought it back to its original length.

I have spent three years rebuilding the car and am now using it on the road and racing it a bit in the Vintage Sports Car events over here in the UK, but am missing a few bits to complete the rebuild, I am looking for the following parts if anyone can help :-


1. the Stewart-Warner clock for the top of the triangular part of the dashboard.

2. the speedo gear for the front wheel and the little gearbox that drives off it.

3. the hand pump for the dashboard to hand pump up the air pressure in the petrol tank.

4. the two Yale locks for both sides of the bonnet.

5. I would also like to fit wire wheels to the car ( which I believe were an option at the time ) as I think it will make the car easier and safer to drive on the race track.


i do have a full set of fully refurbished shock absorbers and fittings for the car that I would swap or sell.


Hopefully there are a few of you out there that might be able to help me - my e-mail is chrisbatty@lestercast.co.uk.











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