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Question for 1940 Packard Owners - Widowmaker OEM Tire Jack


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I completely agree.  Don't have one of the models that used the jack but as soon as I saw the illustration of how the rim jack was used I decided it would never happen.   Apparently it was used on other make cars of the era too so I guess there was no such thing as OSHA or whatever alphabet agency covered such things then.  I believe many these days just carry the jack for show but use a floor or other type jack to do the actual work.


What is even sadder is in the illustration from the service letters showing how to use the jack they reference the owners manual.  When I looked in the 40 and 41 110-120 repro owners manuals I did not see a mention of the procedure the letter wanted a driver to reference.  It looks to me like there is a jack stand used along with the jack so wonder how many of those are still in the car along with the jack.  Your jack appears to be a bit different from the one in the illustration so not sure which is the better or if such a thing, a safer version.


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